frédérique swist

From the exhibition "Between Physics and Art", UWE, February 2014. Photograph © Dunstan Baker.


Art of Independence

24 - 26 Jul, Paintworks, Bristol
Group exhibition and private auction curated by Louise Copping.

Open Studio exhibition

24 - 26 Apr, BV Studios, Bristol
Series of eight pieces created in collaboration with photographer Dunstan Baker.

Sci-Art Synergy

13 - 18 Mar, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
Group show curated by Bob Foster, Chair of the Bristol & Bath branch of the British Science Association.


Art at the Quantum Moment

4 Dec - 29 Jan 2015, The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University, New York
Group exhibition co-curated by Professor Lorraine Walsh (Department of Arts) and Professor Robert P. Crease (Department of Philosophy), Stony Brook University. With artworks by Dr Eric J. Heller and Jacqueline Thomas, and talks by Arthur I Miller, Eric J. Heller, Robert Crease and Alfred Goldhaber.

Open Studio exhibition

30 May - 1 Jun, BV Studios, Bristol

Between Physics and Art: Imaging the Un-image-able

25 - 28 Feb, University of the West of England, Bristol
Solo exhibition presented at the Faculty of Arts, Bower Ashton Campus, in conjunction with the candidacy of my Doctoral research (with the written thesis of the same title).


Sphere of Accuracies/Zones of Truth

5 - 31 Mar, Bar Lane Studios, York
Group show with Luke Jerram, Tracy Holland, Greg Bright.


Picturing Science

4 Dec - 26 Feb 2011, Riverside Gallery, Richmond, London
Group show curated by Mark De Novellis.

Ink-dot: Tonic

2 Dec - 2 Jan 2011, Colston Hall, Glass Room, Bristol
Group show for the fifth poster competition organised by Bristol collective Ink-dot.

158th Autumn Exhibition

24 Oct - 12 Dec, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Multi-disciplinary group exhibition by open submission.

Ink-dot: Escape

17 Jun - 11 Jul, Howies, Bristol
Group show for the fourth poster competition organised by Bristol collective Ink-dot.



24 Oct - 8 Nov, The Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, Russia
Group exhibition with artists selected by open submission, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Art Centre Pushkinskaya-10.


30 Sept - 14 Nov, View Art Gallery, Bristol
Group exhibition.

7th Open Print Exhibition

9 Aug - 19 Sep, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Contemporary printmaking selected by open submission.



14 - 28 Nov, Mamü Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Group exhibition curated by Aranxta Escharte, University of the West of England (UWE). 'Crossroads 2' was subsequently presented at UWE, Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol, 9 to 12 Mar 2009.


Set of five artworks commissioned for the newly built Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, University of Bristol. The work is based on scientific research in the field of nanotechnology. Project commissioned by Professor Mervyn Miles (Department of Physics) and funded by the South West Regional Development Agency.


Symmetry, Harmony & Creativity

23 - 25 Mar, Hedley Hall, Bath
Group exhibition as part of the Mind & Space seminar.



A limited edition print commissioned by Jerry Cowhig, former Managing Director of IOP Publishing, presented to the Nobel Laureate Professor Zhores Alferov on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The artwork is inspired by his Nobel Lecture "The Double Heterostructure: Concept and its Applications in Physics, Electronics and Technology" (2000, Stockholm University).


6th Open Print Exhibition

16 May - 12 Jun, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Contemporary printmaking selected by open submission.