frédérique swist

Visual Rhythmetics

N*005/01 and N*005/03 from the series Visual Rhythmetics, 420 x 594 mm, poster prints.
This work explores the correspondence between geometrical construction and the devising of an underlying coding system, as a way of investigating the direct equivalence between data and visual. In the artwork, the numbering system expresses hidden information only visible during the process of construction and the deployment of colours. Here colours are thought of as modules (like the shapes they define): in combining them, the focus is on elaborating a particular visual rhythm or "rhythmetics".


N*2 and N*3 from the series Diatonic, 650 x 850 mm, archival pigment print, editions of 15.
Part of a wider research that focuses on a visual mimesis of gradual tones, here expressed through a proportional arrangement of flat colours. Each colour value has been defined as to be numerically proportional to its neighbouring colour, while aiming to flow visually and reach a near-perfect visual balance between each phase.

© 2017, Frédérique Swist